Avengers Infinity War Nerf Assembler Gear – Iron Man

With Avengers Infinity War coming to cinemas later this month we have been sent a few of the toys that have been released to help to celebrate the release. The first item we have been sent is the Nerf Assembler Gear for Iron Man.

The Nerf Assembler Gear sets can be assembled in lots of different ways and come in a variety of different character sets. We were sent the Iron Man set which came with 4 different parts and 3 bullets.

At first, I was a little bit surprised that we only received three bullets with this Nerf Assembler Gear set but as you can only fire one at a time this is acceptable. I managed to assemble this set in three different ways as shown below. The parts clicked or twisted together easily. The firing mechanism is a simple pull back and then press the button to fire. It isn’t a very powerful Nerf product but this is more about the ability to make the weapon look the way you want rather than to take it into a Nerf battle.

You can also use the other Nerf Assembler gear sets and combine them to create a larger weapon. They will certainly add to the enjoyment and I can just imagine Hulk hands with Iron man’s weapons.

We can’t wait for the release of Marvel Avengers Infinity War and these will help us to get into character while we wait.