Argos Wish List App 

As a child I remember spending hours looking through the argos catalogue trying to decide what to put on my Christmas list well the technology may have improved but the idea is still there and the fabulous Argos My Wish List app means that the kids can decide what they want for Christmas and it lands in your inbox.

What this demonstration video below of my

The below is what I then received via email.
Now it is a great app but someone needs to seriously think about the parental settings. Although nothing that bad can happen if the kids get in to it I am not sure they have any idea about childrens maths skills because both Alison and Elizabeth can solve the questions they are asking prior to access to the parental settings area.
I mean how stupid do you think are kids are. A great app but show our kids some respect, even a three year old should be able to work that one out!

Here is the official video of the app in use.