Are you prepared for World Book Day? Smiffys Costumes to the rescue

Yes it is that time of year again when the school gives you two days notice to pull together an amazing World Book Day costume in  the character of your childs choice but this year I am giving you a warning. You see World Book Day is next Thursday (3rd March) and with over a week to prepare you can get your kids looking fabulous without looking like you just raided the local supermarket for whatever was left or dressed them as Charlie from Charlie Cooks Favourite Books which is one of the easiest boy costumes imaginable.

The main problem I have is trying to convince our kids that World Book Day doesn’t mean that they can go dressed like a Disney Princess or Kylo Ren. Yes I know that they feature in some books but that really isnt the point. This year we are aiming for some more gornw up book characters and so when Smiffys got in contact to ask what the girls would like to wear I headed straight to the Roald Dahl section.

Elizabeth absolutely loves Matilda and so this was a perfect choice for her. We did consider making the costume and having to create a pile of books out of cereal packets sounded tempting but to be honest I dont do crafts and seriously she would have just looked a mess whereas she was so proud of her Matilda costume we were sent which comes with a dress, book and newt.

Unfortunately Alison was not up for playing dress up when I wanted to take some photos so Elizabeth obliged and put on her Willy Wonla Costume. It came with trousers, a jacket/waistcoat. a bow tie, fabric top hat and fabric cane. The quality of the costume is fantastic and I was really impressed with the jacket which looks and feels wonderful. It needs a white shirt to go underneath it but it will look amazing next week.
Both of these costumes look the part and represent some of their favourite characters from the Roald Dahl books. I would definitely recommend checking out the other Smiffys costumes that they have available on their website.