Anki Overdrive – are you ready to blow up your opponent?

I reviewed the very first Anki Drive in 2014 and loved it but found that it did come with a few issues such as storage so when I found out about Anki Overdrive I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and see what had been improved.

Anki Overdrive

The first thing we noticed is that the starter kit box is a lot more reasonable in size. It comes with two cars in the starter kit and you can buy additional cars and track as seen in the above picture.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Download the Anki Overdrive app onto your smart device and follow the instructions. To sync the cars to your app you only need to place them on the charging station.

Setting the track up how you want couldn’t be easier as all of the pieces have magnets on them that hold them together. You can be really creative with your track and can even create bridges using the plastic road supports.


When you are ready to start racing, place your cars anywhere on the track. The app will then give you the option to get started. The cars will then do a lap or two of the track to learn the layout and you can see this forming on your smart device screen. When the cars are ready they will make their way to the starting line without you having to do anything! The girls thought that this was pretty amazing and I have to say I agree with them.

In the starter pack you are given some straight pieces of track and some corners but you can also buy additional track such as this collision piece which really adds to the fun. Racing the cars around the track is really easy to do and using the cars weapon systems to blow up your opponents it lots of fun!

The app is really intuitive to use and is full of helpful hints and tips. There are a variety of modes and races to choose from as well as access to the garage where you can add additional weapons to your cars and even change the look of your character. With the option to have open play where you can take part in 4 different types of races or tournament where you can race to increase your characters levels and unlock new weapons and racers there is a huge amount of playability. It is also great to play on your own against the AI drivers or with friends but you will all have to have the app on your device to take part.

I would definitely recommend Anki Overdrive as a great product to play with as a family or by yourself and is good for young kids as well as tech savvy grown ups.

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  1. This does look awesome, my two boys would love it! I’ve been reading reviews all morning, I understand there are some new trucks coming out for it soon too, can’t wait to see them racing! Think this could be one for the Christmas list!

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