Air Hogs E-charger

We love toys that get us outside and the Air Hogs E-charger is perfect for that. Suitable for ages 8 plus as it does take a bit of skill to launch it properly, the Air Hogs E-charger is actually fairly simple to operate.

The Air Hogs E-charger is made out of foam with a few plastic attachments and a fan blade. This does mean you have to be careful not to bend the foam as this can affect the flight. The Air Hogs E-charger is charged using the separate quicker charger. The quick charger takes 3 AAA batteries (not included) You then place the charging prong in the bottom of the E-charger. Press the button on the quick charger for 30 seconds and remove from the E-charger.

With the blade spinning the Air Hogs E-charger is ready to fly. Now I have to be honest and say the first few throws we were pretty disappointed. It went a bit further than a decent paper airplane but that was about it. Then the wind died down and all of a sudden it was gliding through the air. We were so amazed as we actually thought that how it was working before was how it was supposed to work.

Trying to capture it in a photo was basically impossible but it really was brilliant. If you do have one and it is not performing right then I suggest just checking the instructions again as there were ways to tweak the wings to make it turn a certain way or to prevent it rolling  and once I messed around with it we had a nearly perfect flight on every occasion.

We would definitely recommend the Air Hogs E-Charger but make sure you fly it when you have lots of space and very little wind and also be careful when transporting it as it is easily damaged due to the material it is made from. This is a great toy and one that we all enjoyed playing with, grown ups and children alike.