Ahoy there me heartys introducing the new Swashbuckle Magazine

Ahoy there I have some fabulous news for all you Swashbuckle fans and it doesn’t involve walking the plank.

The very first Swashbuckle magazine is out now and at just £2.75 it is excellent value. On the first issue you get a great pirate play set, 77 stickers and 34 pages of fun activities.

The pirate play set was really good quality compared to some of the things you get free with magazines. The foam pirate hat, a spinner and a treasure chest with 5 jewels in it like the one Gem has to fill up in the show.
Throughout the magazine there are lots of games to play which the kids think are fantastic but as parents we know they are educational.
The magazine has lots of different sections including
Finding Out
Communication & Language
Maths – Feeling good

There are also recipes to try, a poster, crafts and a few games to enjoy.

As well as all the on page activities there are also a few pages with this icon on them. Blippar is an app that you can download on to your phone or tablet which allows you to scan the pages marked with the blippar logo. Depending on the page your phone will play a video. There are three Blippar points within this magazine where you can watch Gem do the Swashbuckle Salute, the Swashbuckle song or watch a real octopus in action.
We are really looking forward to more of the Swashbuckle magazines and if you have a fan of Gem, Cook, Line or Captain Sinker in your house then you should definitely get yourself a copy of this and be the best parent in the world!