Ahoy me Hearties it’s a Wooden pirate ship!

This Thursday George Home in Asda will be launching a fabulous new range of wooden toys and we were given the opportunity to select one to see what we thought.

With talk like  pirate day last week and Elizabeth always being sent items to review we opted for the Wooden Pirate ship for Alison.

The box was huge so I assumed that the pirate ship was already built so I was a little disappointed when I opened it to find that I actually had to put parts of it together. However it was so easy to do that the kids could have done it themselves and made it part of the fun!

In no time at all the pirate ship was complete and ready for action.

There was a few things that really appealed to me about this ship. Firstly the price, at £25 it is really cheap for a wooden toy and you would expect the quality of the wood or the fixtures to be really poor. This however was where it surprised me again. All of the fixtures are really well made with this pieces of wood, correctly sized fittings and all of the accessories are perfect for little hands. The added additions of the elastic which allows the pirates arms, legs and head to move plus the treasure chest lid to open is just fantastic and it really adds to the imaginative play.

The range of wooden toys is fantastic and if you have a little girl desperate for a dolls house or a little boy wanting a workbench or even the other way round then you could get them a fantastic quality one at a low price at George from 25th September.

I wonder if you can guess how much the items below are? Have a guess and then roll your mouse over the top to see if you are right. I bet you are shocked.