Afternoon Tea with Kate’s Cakes

I love a good afternoon tea but the time and effort, plus the skills, to make a variety of cakes is beyond me and yet I find the majority of shop bought cakes to be dry and disappointing which means I leave the afternoon teas to when we are out and about. However this may change now thanks to Kate’s Cakes.

Newly launched into Tesco Kate’s cakes are small individually packaged mouthfuls of squidgy deliciousness. We were sent the chocolate Fudge cake and the Lemon Drizzle cake varieties to try. Each cake is placed in a cardboard sleeve and wrapped in plastic to keep it fresh and looking amazing and you can more than likely get away with passing these off as homemade they taste that fresh.

The Kate’s cakes cake squares are sold in a box of 5 and retail in Tesco at £2 a box. The Chocolate Fudge cake square was soft and sticky with chocolate curls on the top and the Lemon Drizzle cake which had crunchy lemon sugar on the top was soft and zesty. They both tasted freshly cooked and we all enjoyed eating them. After looking at the website I do hope that some of Kate’s other cakes become available through the supermarkets as they have a gorgeous range of free from cakes, sharing cakes and even more delicious bite sized goodies.

We really enjoyed having Afternoon Tea with Kate’s Cakes and when I next have guests over for tea or coffee I will have to buy some more Kate’s cakes just as an excuse to eat even more of them.