#AdoptanAnimagic week one – introducing Night Night Puppy


Last Monday I sent a tweet which people obviously didn’t read properly based on the replies.

I did not adopt five real dogs and a real rabbit but instead took delivery of a large parcel containing the latest Animagic toys. With Night Night Puppy, Fluffy goes Walkies, Holly goes Hopping and Bonny and babies go walkies there were a lot of Animagics to settle in.

Alison immediately took a shine to Night Night Puppy (now known as Dude) and Holly goes hopping whilst Elizabeth doted on Bonny and babies and Fluffy goes walkies.

Integrating so many new Animagics into the house at one time has proven tricky and it is difficult to give each one the love and attention it deserves so after a week of settling in I thought I would tell you about one each week.

This week has been all about Dude our Night Night Puppy.

Dude is a super soft strokeable cuddly toy who barks and whines. He has one pressure point on his back and a glowing heart shaped nose. Night Night Puppy goes to sleep when you roll him over and he starts to snore. Alison loves Dude and he has been everywhere with her but when she leaves him at home I can’t resist a snuggle.
Kids get bored with animals easily so when Dude disappeared upstairs with Alison on Wednesday and I hadn’t seen him since. I wondered if she had got bored so went to see if I could find him in her room to rescue him. This was how I found him. Tucked up snug and safe in pride of place. I think Dude has become part of our family now and his first week as a Seaton has him settled in nicely. I just hope that the other Animagics are doing just as well.