#AdoptanAnimagic Holly goes hopping


We have never had a rabbit as a pet, lots of hamsters, fish and cats but never a rabbit. Maybe that explains the girls excitement when I introduced them to Holly.

Holly goes hopping is part of the animagic range and comes with a light up pink lead. Like the other animals in the range she doesn’t move or make a noise without her lead. This makes for the perfect quiet pet as she happily snuggles down in her box in peace and quiet.

I had a rabbit when I was a child and it died a horrible death so I have always been reluctant to get another one. Having one which requires batteries is a lot easier. I have never taken a rabbit on a walk on a lead before so walking Holly as she hopped along was definitely a new experience for us.

I don’t really think that a rabbit is the perfect pet for us and Katsuma and Poppet (our cats) tend to agree as they keep running away from it. Next week we will be adopting a Mummy dog with two babies. I hope that goes well.