A blast from the past – Puppy Surprise

I love sharing some of my favourite toys from being a child with my kids and I was really happy when I was at the Toy Fair in January to see Puppy Surprise.  In the box you receive a pregnant mum and you don’t know how many babies she will have or whether they are boys or girls. The box states that you will receive between 2 and 5 babies and that they also vary in design and size.

We were really happy when we were told that we were being sent our very own puppy surprise and the girls couldn’t wait to get Mummy dog out of the box and count her Puppies.

Elizabeth was really happy to receive 3 girl puppies inside her mummy dog. The puppies came in three different sizes and all had a different pattern to them making them individuals. Elizabeth thought that the runt was the cutest of them all.
The puppies can be placed back inside their mum for safe storage using the velcro sealed pocket on her belly.

You can tell the gender of the puppies from the colour and if you had received boy puppies they would be blue. There are a variety of Puppy Surprise Mums to collect which would give you different style puppies and now the girls are asking if we can collect them all!

The Puppies all had soft plastic heads and plush bodies with a little ribbon on them. The Mummy dog also had a soft plastic head with a plush body and furry ears and tail. She even has a collar with a plastic heart on it. Even though she has a plastic head she is still extremely cuddly and Elizabeth took her straight off to bed where she has stayed for the last few nights.

Puppy Surprise is great for teaching children about the concept of pregnancy whilst also showing differences. The element of surprise adds a level of excitement to the opening and is something that both girls seemed to really enjoy as they tried to guess how many babies there would be and whether they would be boys or girls.