Pump Pump Pump the Pumpaloons! – CLOSED

Now that the Pig goes Pop competition has ended it is time to move onto one of the other great games created by Drumond Park. This month it is time for Pumpaloons, a great action game where the race is on to make your Pumpaloon whistle. Choose between Stripeyloon and Spottyloon and pump them up with your hands, your feet or even your bum. However you pump, do it quickly and be the first to make your Pumpaloon stand up straight.

Our Pumpaloons have not actually made their way back into their box since Christmas as Alison loves dressing them up and giving them cuddles.  Elizabeth loves letting all the air out and doing her exercises to make them stand up again. We haven’t actually managed to play with the Pumpaloons in the way they were intended but they have had loads of fun with them and anyway who wants to play by the rules.


If you want to win your very own Pumpaloons game just fill in the Rafflecopter form below and answer this question by leaving a blog comment.

Which Drumond Park game featured here is your favourite?

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You can buy the Pumpaloons game now from amazon for only £12.00

I have been given a Pumpaloons to give away in this competition however I already owned it so have received no compensation for this post.

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