Yoshi’s New Island


Nearly 20 years ago we saw Yoshi’s first game (Super Mario Bros. 2: Yoshi’s Island) released on the Super Nintendo System.  The game was a welcomed addition to the Mario universe and received lots of positive reviews from gaming critics.  It hard then to understand why there has only been one other game released since then (Yoshi’s Island DS).  It doesn’t matter anyway as now we have a new adventure to play with on the 3DS.

The story of Yoshi’s New Island takes place following the events of Super Mario Bros. 2, here baby Mario and Luigi are successfully delivered to a couple living in Mushroom Kingdom.  The into to Yoshi’s New Island reveals that the story delivered the babies to the wrong family and players will see the stork begin taking the babies back to their intended parents.  During flight the stalk and baby Luigi are captured by the villian character “Kamek”, whilst baby Mario falls onto Egg Island and meets the Yoshi clan, who agree to transport baby Mario across the island and rescue baby Luigi.

That’s one of the game’s many cute highlights.  Young gamers will be able to control lots of different Yoshi, some green or blue or even pink.  This made Elizabeth and Alison very happy as their favourite colours are blue and pink.  The presentation of the game completely suits the story and will appeal to young children looking for a good 3DS game to play.  It’s almost like the levels have been drawn on paper using water colours, chalk and crayons.

Yoshi’s New Island is essentially a 2D side scrolling platform game, where players must safely escort baby Mario across levels ensuring that baby Mario is not kidnapped by enemies or that their Yoshi falls off screen.  Collect coins and other objects so you can earn stars to unlock secret levels and attempt to achieve the elusive 100% completion.  Like the first game, Yoshi can still perform the Flutter Jump (a way of prolonging jumps to cover larger areas), Ground Pound, Egg Throw.  A new addition is being able to create Mega Eggs to thrown, which can destroy blocks and pipes to reveal hidden doors or coins.  Yoshi can also turn themselves into different vehicles for certain levels, where players will need to use the 3DS’s gyroscope to manoeuvre around.

I would highly recommend this game for any young children who have a Nintendo 3DS.  The simple and classic level design, along with the beautiful presentation and cute soundtrack, make it a perfect video game for parents to let their kids play.