Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler


When Wonderbook: Book of Spells was released last year, I didn’t realise that more games would be created for this PS3 accessory.  I’m really glad that Sony have given this augmented reality book more time from their in house developers.  Speaking of which, myself and the family were able to meet some of the team when we attended this year’s inaugural PlayFest at Sony HQ in London.

My two little girls were introduced to the Wonderbook with Sony’s new game, Diggs Nightcrawler.  It’s a detective storybook that looks like a film noir cartoon adventure.  Since playing the game myself, I can’t help but look back at my childhood memories watching “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.  Obviously that film was a bit violent for its day, however, the Pegi 7 rating for this game is a bit over cautious for the cartoonish fight scenes.  My girls are younger than seven and didn’t have to hide behind the sofa for the scary parts.

Out of all the games on show at PlayFest, this is the one that my girls gave most time to.  Unlike Book of Spells that gets you casting spells with the PlayStation Move controller, Diggs Nightcrawler has players utilising the book to progress through scenes.  In one part of the story, you need to fold and tilt the book in order to shine a street lamp on points of interest for Diggs to investigate.

The story is about a private eye called Diggs (who looks like a book worm crossed with Columbo) and he must investigate the murder of his friend Humpty Dumpty, who has had a great fall (after being pushed from a great wall).  Along the way you meet famous nursery rhyme characters such as Little Bo Peep, Three Little Pigs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, so the fact that the Wonderbook is used to take a journey through children’s literacy is extremely clever and receives my full approval as a parent.

As a family we enjoyed Diggs Nightcrawler so much that when we returned from PlayFest, my wife immediately purchased the Wonderbook: Book of Spells from Amazon for a bargain price of £9 (we already had the PlayStation Move).  I look forward to the new games that are being released including Walking with Dinosaurs (available for preorder) and The Book of Potions which is still in development.