Wii U

Christmas came early one evening when the wife shouted me to come downstairs to take a look at a parcel which the neighbours had dropped off.  I was told that I should be the one to open it.  To my surprise the parcel housed a large blue lego box, which inside contained the most amazing gift I had recently seen. 

My family was given a WiiU console to play with.  It was also the premium addition, which has a bigger hard drive (32 gb) compared to the standard edition, a copy of the game Nintendoland to get you started and some other little trinkets like a charging cradle for the WiiU gamepad.  Last but not least, the lego themed box gives a clue that we also received a copy of the exclusive WiiU game, Lego City: Undercover.

It was hard to contain my excitement as this was the latest gadget from the gaming world to be unveiled.  My first thought was to get the kids in bed sharpish and plug this little baby into the HD telly.  Even better was that it already came with a HDMI cable in the box, so I couldn’t wait to see Mario and friends in glorious high definition.

After downloading the latest software update and setting up my Mii character, I was away playing with the two screens i had to look at.  Holding the gamepad in my hands brought a massive smile to my face.  I was extremely pleased to find a stylus tucked away in the controller, which should hopefully mean no smudges on the beautiful touchcreen.

I’ve so far used the gamepad on Nintendoland and Lego City, which is fantastic fun and I look forward to more games being developed using this fantastic control system.  The buttons are essentially the same ones used on the Wii remote, so you know that build quality will not be an issue.  You can also used the Wii remotes to play multiplayer games on Nintendoland, so don’t go selling your Wii accessories just yet.

Whilst the gamepad screen is used to show the WiiU channels (bit like the Wii menu system), the tv screen shows icons for the latest games trending on the Miiverse, which is Nintendo’s take on social media.  However, one click of the x button and you can transfer the screens so that the Miiverse is on the gamepad and the WiiU channels are on the tv screen.

After a few hours gaming I finally managed to pries myself away at about 1 o’clock in the morning, which is not good when I have to get up at 6:30 am. 

I can’t wait to get the girls playing with me, however, I’ll be the one using the gamepad, they can have the Wii remotes.