Turbo: Super Stunt Squad


So whose family has been to see Dreamworks’ latest blockbuster at the cinema?  If you haven’t then let me outline the basic story.  A common garden snail named Turbo dreams of one day racing in the Indy 500, so when he’s sucked into a car’s supercharger, his DNA becomes infused with nitrous oxide and he suddenly finds that he’s much faster than your average snail.  With that in mind I thought the movie tie in game would at least be a kart based racing game, however, instead of fighting for pole position, your youngsters will be performing stunts and tricks that feels very similar to a Tony Hawks Pro Skater game.  It was no surprise though that when we received the game to review, our youngest (who loved the film) was very excited and couldn’t wait to start playing.

Upon choosing one of your favourite Turbo characters you will have one of six courses to play with from the beginning.  The more you complete objectives by performing grinds or flips over taco trays and kitchen stoves, then the more courses and hidden characters become unlocked.  Scoring big on moves will also help power up your boost meter, for those times when you need an injection of speed.  There’s also some customisation such as new shells or paint jobs or stickers.

If your child really loves Turbo then they will spend many hours trying to get the best scores or perform the best tricks.  I would recommend though trialling this game with your youngsters before purchasing the Wii U, PS3 or Xbox 360 versions as the controls can be quite demanding at times.  You may want to consider the Wii or DS/3DS versions because these games are track races just with stunts added.  Interestingly there is also a Turbo racing game on the iOS and Android systems that’s free to download.