The Wonderful 101


Does someone in your family love Japanese style cartoon shows? Do you own a Wii U?  If the answer is yes to both then this is a fantastic game to get for that person.  Laura got me this game recently and she explained that it would be something like Pikmin, however, I was a bit unsure as I’ve not played that game before.

So I loaded the game into the console and tried to keep an open mind.  I was impressed with the opening sequence and thought that it looked stunning in high definition.  Then I began to experience the frustration of attempting to figure out how to use the controls.  Honestly, I’m 26 and I’ve been gaming quite avidly for the past few years, but it just felt like I was dropped right into the thick of the action with no tutorial on how to use the characters.  It was a sharp learning curve and I nearly felt like giving up but through perseverance, I stuck at it and got to grips with the style of play and controls.

Basically, the Wonderful 100 is a team of superheroes who have been appointed by Earth to defend itself from the invasion of aliens (and you are the last member making it the Wonderful 101).  You control one super hero at a time and they are followed by his team of fellow heroes, who can morph together to create giant fists or swords to smite ET.  You can even recruit citizens who need saving into your team, which further expands the mob that’s following behind you.  They can help create bigger fists or swords when it’s needed to fight multiple enemies.

I found that playing with the Wii U gamepad was most useful when the missus wanted to watch something else on TV.  At the touch of a button, the action displayed on the TV was now being shown on the gamepad’s little screen.  Personally I thought it looked better on the smaller screen.  When it’s time to command your gang of superheroes to morph into weapons, you will need to do so by drawing shapes on the touch screen, such as a circle or straight line or an L shape.  As a secondary option you can also draw out the shapes using the right analogue stick but the resulting outcome are never what you want.

There were times when I was playing the game that I felt frustrated and then others when I would declare to Laura that this was the game that’s going to save the Wii U.  I remember the first encounter where I thought the gamepad was utilised quite well was when my superheroes entered a building that I couldn’t see into.  Laura kindly nudged me and pointed out that the inside could be viewed using the gamepad.  I had to hold the gamepad up and move it around to see all around inside.  It made me feel very happy and I became further immersed in the experience. 

All in all it’s a very niche game and if you’ve got patience then the rewards are extremely satisfying.  I see that the game has been given a Pegi 12 rating, so it’s not aimed at young children.  I would say that more adults are will be playing this game than teenagers, however, there are teenagers out there that are drawn to this kind of thing.