Sonic Generations


All I remember growing up as a kid was playing Sonic on my friend’s Sega Medgadrive.  What a game that was for it’s day!  Over the years I think Sonic has struggled to recapture the excitement of that time.

I played Sonic Generations recently and was blown away by the graphics and gameplay.  I’m not sure how I’ve gone over a year without realising this game existed.  As this was a game to mark the 20th anniversary of Sonic, I was told to expect the classic levels from the Megadrive era redesigned in glorious HD.  I now have the game for the PS3, which can also be played on a 3D TV.  Whilst playing some of the levels I couldn’t help but shout to my wife, “I remember this as a kid!”.  Obviously Laura was not appreciative of my random outbursts and would be repeatedly rolling her eyes at me.

If you’re wondering why there are two Sonics on the front cover it’s because the plot involves controlling “classic” Sonic and “modern”  Sonic.  The “classic” Sonic has you spin and dash through levels as a 2D platformer.  I should mention that these levels are the most beautiful 2D environments I’ve ever seen (just check out the new version of Green Hill).  The “modern” Sonic has you run forward through 3D levels where you can grind, slide and boost your way through enemies.  It’s a bit like Temple Run but 100 times better.  At the end of each run you are marked on how well you completed an act, which was very satisfying as I consistently scored an A grading.

I have nothing but great things to say about Sonic Generations, however, the story was a little short but the levels themselves are worth replaying.  I suppose that if you’re a young gamer you will feel very proud when you have completed the story mode.  My girls aren’t yet ready for a game like this yet, which is a real shame as Sonic gave me so many good gaming memories.  I suppose I can wait a few more years before we’re wrestling the controller from each other.

I’m quite confident there are 7 or 8 year olds out there who would be able to navigate through the levels with little difficulty.  If there is someone in your life who used to love playing Sonic on the Megadrive then they will love you for purchasing them this game.  It was just a great reliving the nostalgia of Sonic through the current generation console’s capabilities.


HD version of the Green Hill level


“Modern” Sonic’s 3D view point