Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


Think of the most popular cart racing game to date and I bet you most people will immediately think of Mario Kart Wii.  It seems that following their success every known gaming franchise is trying their hand at developing their own cart racing game.  Most will be playable but very few are able to challenge the dominance of the Mario Kart series.  That is until you get your hands on Sega’s latest version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing.

The game has some fantastic characters to race with such as Sonic (how could we not know he was in the game?), Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, Alex Kidd.  Sega have also included characters from their other successful games such as Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe to name but a few.  The race tracks also take inspiration from Sega’s classic games such as After Burner, Super Monkey Ball, Shinobi.

The game title may be a mouthful but don’t let that stop you buying it.  The racing is excellent and the track designs are just insane.  I am confident in making the statement that this is the benchmark that all cart racing game should aspire to.  The difficulty level is perfect.  If you’re not an avid gamer (or maybe you are) then this game will cater for your needs.  The game does have an online multiplayer option, so if you’re feeling brave and you think you’ve got what it takes, try challenging the world to see who is the best cart racer.

The “transformed” in the title is referring to the fact that when the terrain requires your cart will transform into a boat or a plane.  Unfortunately, because my two little girls struggle with Mario Kart Wii there was no chance of them getting the hang of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

I was really happy strolling down memory lane with all the characters and tracks, which takes me back to the days of having my MasterSystem and Megadrive.  The game also references the Saturn and Dreamcast.  It’s really a Sega fanboy’s dream but even if you’re not a Sega fan, this cart racing game is the most fun I’ve had in a while.

So if buying for teenager or your teenage minded partner, you can do no wrong by getting them this game.