Skylanders: Trap Team

As I’m sure most parents know by now, Skylanders is a unique video game that utilises actual toys to bring joy to many children all over the world.  The toys are an amazing piece of technology that unlocks characters within the game and saves progress for upgrades.  It’s a concept that makes parents shudder and children excited for new figures and content.
Skylanders Trap Team is this year’s new game for the franchise, which means that you will be looking at trading in last year’s portal and upgrading for whole new starter pack.  Speaking of a new portal, this year’s iteration is definitely worth marvelling at.  The design is completely different to previous versions, with bumpers added, a transparent floor and trap station to hold those new peripherals.
The new novelty available is being able to capture villains in ‘traps’ and then call them into battle as one of your minions.  The plastic trap toys are placed in a slot of the new portal, however, unfortunately, a different trap is required for each villian and you can only catch them in the traps of the matching elements (8 in total!).

The only downside with this new feature is that in the run up to Christmas, the traps have been in high demand.  Traps sets seem to be sold out everywhere, which means that scalpers who have bought lots of stock are making a killing on eBay.  The final straw is that in order to capture the most famous villain (Kaos) you need a special trap, which is so limited that it’s also commanding a very high eBay price (£70.00 when it should be £5.99!).  If your child is anything like mine and desperately wants to complete Trap Team, then they will need this special Kaos trap.  Another option to consider is purchasing the ‘Dark Edition’ starter pack which is exclusively from Game, however, even then availability on your platform does come into consideration.

As with the other Skylanders games you are able to use figures from old versions on the new portal. This means that you don’t need to start all over again getting the different figure to unlock different areas. Check out this compatibility chart to find out which characters work on which portals. To find out more about Skylanders Trap Team or any other games aimed at children under 12 check out Game Junior. You could also join the Skylanders Trap Team club where you can get exclusive news, fun activities and rewards.
Watch this fantastic trailer below to see Trap Team in action.