Safari Tales app available on iOS and Android

We reviewed Dino Tales back in February and I have to say it one of the most played with apps that the girls have on their iPads. They both play it all the time so when they saw the advert for Safari Tales the pestering started. As the game was only £2.99 I didn’t mind paying for it especially as I use the same iTunes account for both iPads so they both get the game for that price.

Safari Tales is very similar to Dino Tales in that you wander around the world looking for food, fun and friends but they have made some changes to make it even more user friendly.

In my review of Dino tales I mentioned that the controller was on the left which the girls found awkward. In Safari Tales this is now on the right which is much easier for them to use. Other changes include the removal of the map from the top right hand corner of the screen. I did find the map helpful when completing quests but not having it isnt an issue either.

The Safari Tales game is very similar to the Dino Tales game in many respects such as the berry blaster where you can change your pattern and colour. This is something the girls really enjoy doing. It isnt unlimited though so you need to remember to collect the berries whilst on your adventures otherwise you will run out of colours. There is also now an option to share your photos but this needs to be set up by a parent.

As you walk around the world you will find rocks to break apart. These reveal stickers that are automatically placed in your sticker book. Alison loves looking at the variety of stickers and seeing the patterns she has collected. 
The Safari Tales game has lots of learning activities about the animals such as what they eat but you can also ask Darwin the meerkat a whole host of questions. Elizabeth likes doing this and keeps telling me lots of random facts about the animals in the game.
At the end of each adventure you get your very own personalised story based on what you did. The girls love seeing these and enjoy changing the words in their stories as well.
As huge fans of Dino Tales I knew that they would like this app and I wasn’t mistaken. Trying to get the iPad of them to do the screenshots was like wrestling a crocodile for his dinner. The only question they both want to know is when can they find more animals and what the next tales app will be!

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