Playstation Vita

So my two girls were recently given a Playstation Vita to play the new Lego Chima game. Big Mistake!

I looked forward to when the kids were asleep so I could steal a few hours on this little device (and marry it to my PS3). I won’t go into details about the trouble I had linking my Playstation Network account (try not to forget your password and then find out the email address its registered to has been suspended). Once this had been solved, I was able to explore the wonders of Sony’s latest handheld gaming console.

I won’t deny it but being the big kid I am, I wanted to have one of these when they first hit the market. I seemed to want one more following this year’s PS4 announcement at E3. In short, Sony stated that the PS Vita would be able to play PS4 games (provided the game didn’t utilise the motion camera).

I then began to think that the PS Vita was a powerful little gadget that was being under utilised. I saw the device as an investment that in the near future would compliment my PS4 (fingers crossed Santa gets my letter).

What’s great about Sony’s handheld gaming console is that you’re not just limited to big game titles. Sony have recognised the massive increase in small developer games for smart phones and tablets. They have therefore got these developers on side and created their own market place for them to showcase their skills.

I recently came across a fantastic app game (that my two little gamers are better at than me) called “Frobisher Says” (kinda like Simon says). Basically the game utilises most of the PS Vita features, such as the cameras, the front and rear touchscreen (I know a rear touch screen!), the microphone etc.  I especially enjoyed the stage where you have to scratch the monster’s back whilst he’s lying down using the rear touch screen.

What’s immediately obvious when you pick up the Vita is that you are blessed with two analogue sticks. YES! The game I used to test out this feature was Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. You can’t go comparing this to the proper console version, but if you’re stuck at the in-laws or looking to kill some time on your daily commute, it is a fantastic stop gap. The analogue sticks are a great addition to the Vita.

The device also comes with AR cards (Augmented Reality), which can be used for mini games available for download from the Playstation Store. My first test game was called “Fireworks”. I like the experience of the Vita’s AR games compared to others.  The Vita is able to pick up the cards even in the worst lighting conditions.

One draw back was the fact that the memory card I received with the Vita was only 4gb, which doesn’t take that long to fill with games. If you want a bigger memory card then that’s gonna be an expensive purchase. The memory cards are made specifically for the Vita, so you can’t just use anything purchased from third parties.

On the upside I was able to discover a fantastic way to connect the Vita to the internet whilst out of the house, which should save anyone from choosing the 3G model. If you have a smart phone just tether it to your PS Vita and you can access the PlayStation Store on the go.

Any boyfriend, husband or daddy would be thrilled to receive such a gift, however, just prepare yourself for not seeing them as much. You may find they have taken refuge elsewhere in the house so they can shoot a few zombies.

I’m just looking forward now to when the PS4 is available and we can really start to see what this beauty can do.


The Playstation Vita can now be bought as part of this Mega Pack. With 10 games and an 8GB memory card I think this can keep anyone occupied for the whole summer long.

This will also allow the whole family to find a game they enjoy, which could be a bad thing if you become possessive over you Vita.