PlayStation Vita Mega Pack


If you’re only just considering purchasing a PS Vita, then you can’t go wrong with the Vita Mega Pack to get you started.  I assume that most families will be going on holiday around about now.  I’m sure we will all be thinking about packing our kindles or tablets for entertainment.  As an avid gamer, I could not think of anything better than having this little beauty along for the journey.

The cost of the bundle should be enough to entice anyone because to buy the device alone is currently £169.99.  For the same price you could opt for the Mega Pack and receive an 8gb memory card plus 10 of the best family friendly games.

The 10 games you receive are supplied on a single voucher code and need to be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.  It’s a mixed bag of PS Vita games, such as LittleBig Planet (my favourite), Wipeout 2048, Little Deviants, Motor Storm RC.  There’s a PSP port of Racthet & Clank: Size Matters and a couple of fantastic PS Vita app games like Ecolibrium and Frobisher Says!  Also available is the classic Lemmings and Hungry Giraffe, which are mini games available under the PlayStation Mobile section.  Lastly, a HD remake of the adventures of Rotating Octopus from the PSP platform.

You should be aware that Vita memory cards are specific made for the device and quite expensive on their own, so gaining an 8gb of memory compared to standard 4gb is a fantastic bonus.  If someone in your family already has a PS Vita, I recently discovered that you can just purchase the 8gb memory card and 10 game voucher code from Amazon for just £32.90.  I was also pleased to discover that I could download the games via my PS3.  You can then transfer the content between the PS3 and the PS Vita.

I love my Vita very much and I really appreciated having one when I recently went on a Butlins family holiday, however, my girls kept trying to steal it from me to play their favourite game, Frobisher Says!