PlayStation 4 – Remote Play


Remote Play

I’m so glad that I had a PlayStation Vita before I received the PS4.  When I heard that you would be able to play PS4 games on your Vita over a WiFi connection, I couldn’t wait to see how well it worked.  I’ll admit there was some degree of scepticism when Sony announced that all PS4 games would be playable on the PS Vita via Remote Play, provided that the game didn’t need to use the PlayStation Camera.  The Remote Play feature has been around since being able to connect the PS3 and PSP, but it’s never been lived up to the vision of playing big games on a small screen.

Having tested Remote Play on my Vita, I’m pleased to confirm that it works perfectly.  Honestly, I was speechless when playing the new Killzone on such a small device that was already a couple of years old. What I could see on my TV was the same as being displayed on the Vita’s screen.  The controls were all there as well, R1 and L1 had been assigned to the L and R shoulder buttons, and the rear touchpad had been split into 4 squares for R2, R3, L2 and L3.

The only time I experienced lag was when the strength of the WiFi dropped, which is very common in our house because it’s so poor.  Any other house with fibre optic broadband would have no such trouble.  I think it’s going to be a very useful feature for me when I’m staying at family or friends.