Nintendo Land


If your family opt to buy the Wii U games console, be sure to purchase the “Premium” edition so you receive Nintendo Land included.  This is an essential game for Wii U owners, as it showcases the abilities of the Wii U gamepad the same way that Wii Sports showed us how to use the Wii remote.

Essentially the game is a culmination of twelve mini games that uses popular franchises from Nintendo.  Just wait till you see your Mii character in a Mario or Zelda costume (depending the mini game chosen).  It’s not really a game for those who want to game alone, although there are some games that can be played as one player.  If anyone has owned a Wii console, you’ll all be to aware of the craze for party games.  When playing with more players you will need Wii remotes and sometimes nunchucks.

The games also has Miiverse incorporated into the central hub, so you can see what other players around the world are saying about the mini games.  I think this is very cool feature as it gives a platform for Wii U owners to socialise with fellow gamers.

Below are some the mini games I’ve managed to test so far with my two little girls:

Mario Chase – Players in charge of the gamepad have to evade other players whilst being chased around a maze, who use the Wii remote to control toads.  My little girls loved playing this game with me but they had to be the ones using the gamepad or else a full blown melt down would occur.
Animal Crossing: Sweet Day – Using the Wii remote I had to control an animal that would navigate an open course and collect pieces of candy to place in goal.  It was really funny when I tried to collect too much candy in one go, as your player becomes top heavy and slows down in movement.  My little girl Beth was again using the gamepad to hunt me down using two guards controlled by the analogue sticks.
Yoshi’s Fruit Cart – This was a fun memory game to play.  Look at the TV and you will see fruit scattered over the screen and maybe some obstacles.  Now using the gamepad and stylus, you have to blindly draw a continuous line of the route you want your Yoshi to take.  With some help my little girls were able to get quite far through the levels, but after a certain point they had to resign to cheering daddy on.

For me this game holds a lot of nostalgia with its use of famous Nintendo characters, so I would have no problem pouring many hours in the single player games.  The game is best enjoyed in a large group.  What’s great is that I know my family and friends have Wii remotes at home, so there is never going to be the problem of not enough controllers.