Nintendo 2DS


When I first heard the announcement that Nintendo would be releasing yet another iteration of the 3DS I thought, “Do they really need to?”.  After getting my hands on the 2DS model I can safely say that it was a fantastic idea.

It seems that Nintendo have listened to parents concerns regarding the 3D functionality, which can cause headaches for some users, and decided to drop it altogether.  This doesn’t hinder your playing experience at all because all 3DS games can be played in 3D or 2D, so you’ll be able to enjoy the whole library of 3DS games.  As a parent I think this was a good move because the 3D effect would cause me discomfort when playing.  I was constantly having to keep my head still and at a precise distance away to enjoy the 3D gaming.  I always thought that if it was bad for adults imagine what it would be doing to a younger player’s eyes.

Also, the clamshell design has been removed meaning that the hinges are unlikely to be broken should you drop it.  I was well aware of this problem as I knew too many friends and relatives who had suffered from broken hinges.  The plastic casing feels cheap but a lot more durable, therefore, this is further evidence that the 2DS is a handheld games console aimed at the younger generation.  The new design is almost wedge like and the buttons have been moved further up.  Not that pretty to look at but when playing for long periods you don’t seem to suffer from the same hand cramp you get with the clamshell design.

Because of Nintendo’s approach I can’t help but get on board with the 2DS and would highly recommend this to any parent who is already thinking of what to get the kids for Christmas.  Argos are currently selling the 2DS with two games for £99.00, which is a bargain not to be missed.  I should also mention that the 2DS comes with a 4gb SD card, which is double what you receive with the standard 3DS (so more room to download games!).