Lego City Undercover


I’ll admit then when I first saw the advertisements for Lego City Undercover, I expected another side scrolling game just like their previous titles.  I was later pleased and intrigued to read a review describing the game as Lego meets Grand Theft Auto.  It sounded like a terrific game for me to have if I was playing with the family and could still be entertaining when the kids were put to bed at night.

Players take on the role of legendary cop Chase McCain, who returns to Lego City after spending time away.  All the citizens of Lego City remember Chase McCain for previously putting a stop to the notorious criminal Rex Fury, however, he’s now back to cause more havoc and exact his revenge.  You must use Chase’s clever disguises to explore the city and foil the efforts of Rex and his gang.

This Wii U exclusive has you utilising the gamepad to scan for hidden clues or criminals, receive mission updates and plot your route to new locations on the overhead map.  It’s amazing to see the game displayed in full HD, which is all new to Nintendo gamers.  The studio behind Lego really make the characters stand out and look vibrant.  I really enjoyed the fact that Lego vehicles and building sets were used to create a bustling city.  The only draw back was that loading times were frequent and quite prolonged.

People who’ve played Lego games previously know that it’s all about collecting studs, solving puzzles, building stuff and enjoying the tong-in-cheek humour (the opening sequence in the police station is a corker).  So if you add in a fully open world to explore, this is a Lego game that should be considered the best to date.

I’ve heard most gamers say that this game alone is worth owning a Wii U and I do advocate that Nintendo consoles are more suited towards young families.  My two girls especially enjoyed playing with the gamepad and I was always on hand to help them with the difficult sections.  A word of warning though, don’t be surprised if your husband or boyfriend becomes obsessive with game.  The story is very engaging and found it difficult to pull myself away.