Lego Chima: Laval’s Journey

I was chuffed to bits recently when the missus handed me a PS Vita with the new Lego Chima game.  I’ve been anticipating Chima making its gaming console debut for some time. It’s a new range that Lego have been promoting for the past year and I feel like my family has been there from the beginning.  We have attended quite a few Chima events through Laura’s Lego ambassadorship. The girls have really taken to all the characters, especially Laval and Cragger. To be honest, I’ve also taken to Lego’s new product ranges.

Anyway, to the game. Since the release of Lego City Undercover, I’ve been expecting great things from the new Lego games. Despite being a handheld game, I was not disappointed on this occasion. The game offers traditional Lego side scrolling and an open 3D world (making good use of the Vita’s second analogue stick). The FMV sequences are just like watching the same 4D cinema films that can be found at Legoland Windsor or Legoland Discovery Centre.

I’ve been playing the game whilst commuting to and from work, which suits me well as it’s a game that you can easily pick up and put down. I would have liked to have been able to save the game when I want rather than progressing to the end of a chapter.

I would recommend this game to any dad who is a fan of playing previous Lego games and any child (or adult) who has taken a real interest in the Chima universe. It may be the same style of game play we have come to know from Lego, however, why change something that works so well?