Kinect Disneyland Adventures


As a family we recently went to Disneyland Paris and experienced what it’s like to step through the main gate and walk down Main Street USA.  We also met lots of our favourite Disney characters and got them to sign our autograph books.  We were therefore very intrigued to see what Kinect Disneyland Adventures had to offer.

I’m pleased to report that the game’s creators have managed to beautifully capture every detail of the theme park so well that I’m actually considering   whether to go back to Paris or just stick on this game.  Economically it would make sense to choose the Kinect version.  The game takes players to the Disneyland theme park where you can meet over 40 Disney characters, collect their autographs, dance with them, give them high fives, big hugs and collect pins badges and Disney money.

You can also visit well know rides, which are recreated in the style of mini games.  My favourite has to be the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride but the girls loved flying with Peter Pan over London.  In essence the mini games are very similar to Kinect Adventures.

Navigating the theme park can be done by walking around like an open world or by using the fast travel system.  Simply raising both hands in the air will pull up the map and then saying the place or ride you wish to go to takes you straight there.  The voice recognition is excellent here and there are plenty of opportunities to try this system out.  The game also supports 2 players, which made my little girls very happy.

Without a doubt Disneyland Adventures has to be one of the best family games for the Kinect.  Anyone who loves Disney and has ever been to the theme park will appreciate how close in detail the game compares to the actual theme park.  An added bonus is that you don’t have to queue for any rides.