Harry Potter for Kinect


I have to say that I absolutely love the Harry Potter series.  That applies to both the books and the films.  Pretty much anything to do with the Harry Potter universe.  This game was therefore made for me.  Sorry kids if you don’t get a look in, Daddy is making potions for Professor Snape and then casting the “wingardium leviosa” charm for Professor Flitwick.  It’s essential work if you’re going to become a great wizard like Harry Potter.

I’m really glad that this game works so well for the Kinect, which to be honest was my first time using the system.  The graphics are fantastic and is needed if you’re going to experience iconic moments from the films.  I was blown away by the first encounter when you enter Ollivanders to choose you’re wand.

Utilising the Kinect’s system, you are able to make potions, cast spells with your voice and a flick of the wrist, dodge and jump evil creatures, fly through Quidditch matches and battle in epic duels.

Whilst you may find yourself whizzing through the film’s scenes and completing the game fairly quickly, I’m certain that you will be replaying the scenes in order to get a better score on the game’s marking system.

If you have a Kinect in the family household and someone you know loves Harry Potter, whether they be a child or adult, then this is an excellent gift to give them.  There are moments in the game for two player quests, so both parent and child can slay Death Eaters together.