I received this game back in January for my birthday from the wife and kids.  I specifically requested the game based on a recommendation by a close friend.  He was really enthusiastic about the open-ended game play.  I also remembered the heavy marketing campaign (one morning I opened the Metro to find the main villain Vaas staring back at me), which made me think that it was worth a look.

After an initial patch update, I was dropped into a clever opening sequence showing a young group of Americans on an adventure holiday, which suddenly goes all wrong after a skydive that lands them on a deadly island filled with pirates.

You assume control of the protagonist, Jason Brody, and are tasked with overthrowing the pirates holding your friends captive, who intend to sell them into slavery.  After the basic tutorials had passed, I began to discover a fantastic story which drives the game forward.  I was awestruck by the fantastic scenery and vast landscape of the islands.  It can be explored by foot, car, boat, hand glider or you can use the new “Fast Travel” system which enables you to teleport to various camps.

Be warned that if you do attempt to cover ground by foot, the wildlife which inhabits the area may be eyeing you up for dinner.  You wouldn’t want to cross paths with a tiger, bear or komodo dragon.  Or maybe you do?  In that case I would recommed you equip yourself with a flamethrower (highly recommended for taking out large groups of enemies).  However, please note that this weapon does not work well under water against the man eating sharks (Yes sharks are in the water, so also be careful when you go swimming).  Once an animal has been killed, you can then skin them to make wallets or fashion a new pouch to hold more ammunition.

When I’m finally able to put my girls to bed at night, this is the game I have been choosing to play the most.  So many hours have been poured into the campaign and side quests, which is probably only half of what the games has to offer.  There is also a co-op story mode, multiplayer and a map editor tool, which gives you the ability to create your own enviroments to be used online.

Farcry 3 is different to most other FPS out there.  What’s great about the game is that it does not take itself too seriously, (unlike Call of Duty which aims towards making games like real life).  Honestly, if you like FPS games and the open endedness of the Grand Theft Auto series, this is an awesome game to have in your collection.