EyePet: Move Edition


Here’s another PlayStation exclusive that makes fantastic use of the PlayStation Move controller and it’s augmented reality technology.  For anyone who has not seen the EyePet before its a game that uses the camera to display a virtual pet on your TV screen that can interact with people and objects in your living room.  An example of this is that you can stroke your EyePet with the move controller and he/she will start to purr.

I really like this game because it means that Elizabeth can have a pet (she’s been mithering me for ages) and I don’t have to take it for walks or put up with it’s “smells”.  She is responsible for feeding and washing her EyePet to stop it becoming week and smelly.  We recently didn’t play the game for a long period and when we returned her EyePet was covered in dirt and flies.  I thought it was a clever idea to implement this feature into the game because young players are likely to become more attached to their EyePet.

It’s great that Elizabeth can change her EyePet’s fur length, colour or pattern, which is currently pink and lilac tiger stripe.  There is endless fun in customising your EyePet’s appearance.  You can even shop for more outfits on the PlayStation Store.

You need to entertain your EyePet by playing games.  A really strange one we came across quite early in the game was bowling (I know?).  But it was cleverly presented and very comical.  Essentially your EyePet tucks itself into a cup like contraption, which is housed by your move controller, and you bowl your pet into the bowling pins.

There’s a cool feature where you can draw with your EyePet but there are two ways in which you can do it.  The first is to draw something on a sheet of paper and hold it up to the camera.  Your EyePet will then attempt to copy what it has scanned.  The second method uses the move controller to draw on your TV screen.  This makes it easier for the EyePet to trace your drawing.  After he or she has copied your doodle, it’s then cut out before your eyes and your EyePet pretends to ride the drawing through the clouds.

I don’t believe this is a game that can disappoint any member of the family.  If your children are impressed by the technology then they will be mesmerised for hours.  The game also supports stereoscopic 3D display on 3D enable TV’s, which  I was able to test out and found that my EyePet looked even more amazing.

A current bargain if any, going for about £12 new on Amazon or pre-owned for £4 at your local CEX.