Cut the Rope: Triple Treat for 3DS


This is a game for all the parents out there who often lose their phone or tablet to the little ones who love playing ‘Cut the Rope’.  I know this feeling all too well with my girls, and it’s really annoying when that they have their own handheld game systems to play with.  Alas Nintendo has managed to save me by porting all three ‘Cut the Rope’ games onto one 3DS cartridge.  The ‘Triple Treat’ pack gives the original game, the ‘Time Travel’ edition and ‘Experiments’, that’s over 50 hours worth of game time.  Enough to get your phone or tablet back for little while!

Om Nom is the cute little green creature who has a liking for sweets and it’s up to players to cut ropes so candy can swing into his mouth.  It’s not only for kids but grown ups too.  My two girls love the character Om Nom so much that they always go crazy for the comics or plush toys.

The great thing about games like ‘Cut the Rope’ is that it’s all puzzle solving, so it will get your little ones’ minds active, and using the 3DS stylus helps develop pen control.  There’s also the ability to play the game in 3D but as always you will want to limit your child’s exposure to 3D images, so you may wish to set the Parental Controls before handing the game over to them.
Hopefully we’ll see more popular gaming apps being ported to the Nintendo 3DS.  I know that my two girls will get a lot more use out of their 3DS.  You can purchase ‘Cut the Rope: Triple Treat from most game shops, supermarkets or even download the game from Nintendo’s eShop.