Win Carnival Games on the Nintendo Switch

Whenever I see the mascot from Carnival Games, I’m always brought back to my time with the Nintendo Wii.  Who would have thought a game based on classic carnival games would have been such a hit.  I didn’t think it … Read More

Nativity Rocks giveaway – In Cinemas 23rd November

It is nearly Christmas and that means that all of the Christmas films will be hitting the cinemas very soon including Alison’s favourite Christmas film sequels, Nativity. The new film is Nativity Rocks and it is in cinemas from 23rd … Read More

Kekilou surprise review with Giveaway

Elizabeth loves collectables and she loves make up so when you combine the two and come up with something as cute as Kekilou then it will definitely be a hit. Kekilou surprise are small handbag shaped collectables that transform into pretty … Read More