Shopkins Happy Places app by Kuato Studios

My girls spend more time of their iPads than I would like to admit but we do control what apps that have so I don’t feel too guilty. We have recently downloaded the Shopkins Happy Places from Moose Enterprises and … Read More

The LEGO Ninjago Video Game

The title of this post should give a clue that following the release of the LEGO NINJAGO Movie, the studio executives decided to also release a movie tie-in video game.  Our family are no strangers to the NINJAGO franchise or … Read More

Beasts of Balance

We love playing games as a family and the girls love using technology so finding a game that uses technology and is fun to play together as a family is a real break through. I first heard about Beasts of … Read More

Cars 3 Driven to Win on PS4

The release of Cars 3 is a big deal in our household.  Growing up over the years, the girls have become big fans of all the Disney Pixar franchises, so we were eager to see the next instalment in Lightning … Read More

ARMS for the Nintendo Switch

Not long ago Nintendo created a bright and colourful alternative for the online shooter genre.  Splatoon was an indication of Nintendo’s intent to venture into other areas with their game development.  ARMS is a game seeking to follow that theme … Read More