Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch

The Mario Party series has been a staple franchise for Nintendo since the days of N64.  Following the success of the Switch, it was expected that Nintendo would be releasing a new game in order to maintain interest in their … Read More

Hello Kitty Kruisers on Nintendo Switch

We love trying new games and we were recently invited to try the new Hello Kitty Kruisers with Sanrio friends game on the Nintendo Switch. Hello Kitty Kruisers is a multiplayer racing game starring Hello Kitty and several other characters. They … Read More

World of Warriors for the PS4

Recently released on PS4 is the mobile game World of Warriors. A popular title on iOS and Android, the game is published by Mind Candy, who also created Moshi Monsters. Whilst the story isn’t that deep, the object of the … Read More

PSVR – Introducing the Playstation VR Playroom

I would like to think that my children are quite tech savvy and always go for those games that push the creative envelope.  For Christmas, we treated them to the PSVR, along with some of the best games currently available.  … Read More

Frantics – a fun new Playlink game for the PS4

You may not be aware that PlayStation has a range of games on the PS4 that enables multiplayer experiences, which require players to interact using only their mobile phone. It’s a clever concept given that most family members all have … Read More