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Cars 3 Driven to Win on PS4

The release of Cars 3 is a big deal in our household.  Growing up over the years, the girls have become big fans of all the Disney Pixar franchises, so we were eager to see the next instalment in Lightning … Read More

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ARMS for the Nintendo Switch

Not long ago Nintendo created a bright and colourful alternative for the online shooter genre.  Splatoon was an indication of Nintendo’s intent to venture into other areas with their game development.  ARMS is a game seeking to follow that theme … Read More

Nintendo Switch - Full Review

Nintendo Switch – Full Review

Nintendo’s new home console has been out since the 3rd of March and our family were one of the first to get our hands on one.  Now, I know that this review is coming out a month after the console’s release, but … Read More

Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch

Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch

When I went to the Nintendo Switch preview event there were quite a few games that I knew we would play as a family but there was one game that really appealed to me. Snipperclips is a problem-solving game that requires … Read More

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Xbox One S console review

The Xbox One S is revised version of the Xbox One console, initially released way back in 2013.  It contains all the same parts and performance with the previous iteration, however, the packaging is much smaller.  It also adds 4K … Read More


Super Mario Maker on the 3DS

Super Mario Maker on the Wii U, whilst not the most technologically advanced video game, was such a hit last year that Nintendo has decided to see if lightning strikes twice by re-releasing the game for the portable 3DS. It … Read More

Pokemon Moon on Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Moon on Nintendo 3DS

For the last few weeks, I have been spending my nights (and any train journeys) playing the new Pokemon Moon on my husbands Nintendo 3DS. That’s right I stole his 3DS because I am the only person in the family … Read More

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Mario Party: Star Rush

Few video game companies today still embrace the concept of local multiplayer. Fortunately, Nintendo is one of those who creates games for friends they will get together on the sofa.  The Mario Party series has a long history with both … Read More

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Disney Magical World 2

If you haven’t yet played the original Magical World on 3DS, don’t worry, you can still jump into this game and find your feet quite easily.  Yes, it may look and feel like a typical life simulation game, such as Animal … Read More

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New Skylanders Imaginators

The girls have been fans of Skylanders since they were introduced to Skylanders Swap Force and we have a growing collection of the characters from the variety of games that have been released since. We recently received Skylanders Imaginators and I … Read More