Wii U

Christmas came early one evening when the wife shouted me to come downstairs to take a look at a parcel which the neighbours had dropped off.  I was told that I should be the one to open it.  To my … Read More

Nintendo 3DS

I love my old Nintendo DS but I have been very jealous watching all these new 3D games coming out. I love the idea of 3D without glasses and when I had a 3D LG phone I loved the video … Read More

Angry Birds Trilogy

No more kids stealing my phone to play Angry Birds, not anymore anyway. In fact its more the other way round, with the additional screen and all the levels I keep stealing the girls 3ds’s so … Read More

Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes

Its not often i get sent something that isn’t for the kids and I have to say hubby was very happy when he received this through the post. Brought out just in time to compliment the … Read More

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift

Having watched this film at the cinema it was a perfect opportunity to introduce this game to the girls. I was immediately impressed with the ease of play of this game and apart from the menus … Read More