Me time

Yesteday I had to go on a course for work, I can hear you all moan at the mere thought of it and to be honest so was I. That was until someone on twitter pointed out that this is … Read More

Christmas Trees, do you have a ritual?

This year hubby has decided that he wants a real tree, ok I can see the loveliness and family spirit of going and choosing one together and all the other romantic stuff that you see in films but hubby is … Read More

Saying Sorry

I wanted to write this blog post last week but at the time I did not have all of the information available to me so I decided not to jump to conclusions. However I will detail to you what happened … Read More

Are you a food snob?

This is a completely unplanned post but whilst getting dinner ready tonight I was looking through my cupboards and was shocked at how much value food we have in our kitchen. I am a food snob, I will admit that … Read More

Challenging Children

I was having a conversation on twitter last night with the wonderful @mummylimited about the terrible twos, or the not so terrible but certainly challenging twos. Why are they called terrible? I myself am guilty of using that label when … Read More