Bloody Kids

Ok mostly I blame the school but seriously my three year old thinks I can magic up a costume in one evening and what school tells parents the day before that the kids need to be in costume for World … Read More

My mum corrupted me

As I sit here sipping a glass of cool rose I think back to two weeks ago when I didnt drink. Yes thats right my mum drove me to drink (Hi Mum if you are reading this) Two weeks ago … Read More

Preparing for Death

I am sad to say we are soon to experience death in our household, we know it is coming and it is just a matter of how long before the inevitable happens. When death has occurred previously (fish) the girls … Read More

No more Chocolate

As I sit here exhausted from my run I am quickly scoffing down a large bag of chocolate covered cinder toffee because today is pancake day. Pancake day means only one thing to me and its not about pancakes or … Read More

Night Tantrums

Yep you read that right, not Night Terrors, Night Tantrums. That is what I had to deal with at 3am last night. I woke up to Elizabeth screaming “I Dont want that one”, on going into her bedroom she proceeded … Read More