World Autism Day!

Today is World Autism Day, it is a day to really stop and think. Is that child naughty? Is that child spoilt?Is she a bad mother?Or does that child have autism? I did try to get a photo of the … Read More

Literacy Issues

Today I read an article on Yahoo News regarding the literacy and numeracy levels in childminders and nursery staff and to be honest I wasnt that shocked. Whenever I look over Alison’s learning journey or see her day sheets from … Read More

Bloggers Brain

Now as most of my readers are parents and almost certainly the largest majority of you are mummies you will nod your head knowingly when I mention Mummy Brain. Apparently it doesnt exist, but we all know better dont we. … Read More

Tired Mummy of Two’s Top tips for housework…

As a non cleaner and very much a clutter gatherer I decided that the best way to share my housework tips would be to welcome you into my way of life Always take your clothes off and leave them in … Read More

Easter Eggs or Easter presents?

Last year my kids got far too much chocolate for easter, they were just 2 and 1 and they had so many eggs it was ridiculous and we even bought them one each so this year I am looking at … Read More