You really expect my five year old to wear that?

Yesterday I was in town for a blogging event, it was a great event which I will write about another time. It finished at eleven thirty and I found that I actually had time to spare before I had to go and get the kids from school.

Being in Manchester city centre i finally decided to do something about the fact that the girls have no proper summer clothes.

Elizabeth is going with school to the beach tomorrow (I am going too) and so she was in desperate need of some shorts. She had a next voucher for her birthday so I made that my first port of call. i had looked on line and they had some lovely sets but as I couldnt use the voucher online I had to go into store.

I was actually disgusted when I found the set of shorts hung up.

Hot pants. . .

for a five year old?!?

I mean seriously whatever happened to cycling shorts or even shorts that cover our children’s bottoms. I would rather not see her knickers hanging out of the side of her shorts and I certainly wouldn’t be buying her thongs to wear under them like adults do.

In all fairness I can never quite see how shorts like this are acceptable in public anyway but on a five year old? I expected better from Next in all fairness and was shocked when I went to the younger section and found that to contain much the same. Our girls are precisely that, girls and young girls should wear appropriate clothing not smaller versions of what is on the catwalk or the fashion magazines.

It seems that every summer I struggle to find the girls suitable summer clothes without being shocked by what is on sale.

In the end I went to Primark, I bought her some lovely girly summer dresses and got Alison some blue swim shorts from the boys section.