You don’t need to go abroad to see amazing view

Nothing makes me feel relaxed quite as much as a gorgeous seascape and this year I have seen my fair share. Whether stood on the beach in Great Yarmouth, Bognor Regis or Ayr I am always amazed at the fabulous views available in the UK.

It is my mission as a mum to show my girls as much of the world as I can and that includes different areas of the UK. We have visited so many places already including trips to Wales and Scotland but there are so many places yet to visit. So many beaches left to play on and so many hills still to climb.
I was surprised to find that 4 out of 5 people didn’t recognise this as a view of Scotland. Having lived up there ten years ago the moss-covered hills are a giveaway sign for me and I have seen many beautiful sandy beaches up there. A particular favourite of mine is St Ninian’s Isle in Shetland.

St Ninian’s Isle

Its not just Scotland that has amazing beaches as this picture from Great Yarmouth clearly shows. Sand, a blue sky and some waves can easily make you feel as though you are in a different country.

With just ten weeks before the girls go back to school, I am in the middle of writing a bucket list of summer activities for us to work our way through but I thought I could add to this with a list of places to visit too.

We will already be spending some of our summer in the New Forest but can you recommend other places for us to go?

Is there a particularly amazing view you think we need to gaze upon?