Yankee Candles Riviere Escape from Love Aroma

Last week I was walking around the Chateau gardens in the Loire Valley basking in the sunshine and today I am looking out of the window in Manchester at the rain.  When we were in the Loire Valley we visited the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud where they have even created their own fragrance because as our guide stated, “our sense of smell is the most powerful for recalling memories”. With this in mind, it seemed like fate when Love Aroma contacted me asking if I wished to receive the new Yankee Candles fragrance that are based on the French Riviera.

The collection is called the Riviera Escape and I received one of each of the fragrances in a small jar candle.

Yankee Candles

The four fragrances each trigger their own individual memories. The Olive & Thyme candle has a fresh scent full of citronella, green olives and sunshine. The Summer Peach candle is the strongest of them all and I can smell juicy fruit, mild cinnamon with maybe a twist of melon. Riviera Escape reminds me of flower beds, waves and shell collecting on the beach. The Sea Salt & Sage candle also has a strong smell, this time of sage with a creamy edge to the fragrance.

As with all Yankee Candles they burn lovely and even across the top, releasing all of the candles fragrance into the air. The small jar candles have a burn time of between 25 and 40 hours which is amazing value for money. I tend to burn a candle every day instead of using a plug in or aerosol room fragrances and I always find that Yankee Candles fill the house with their scent. I have had so many compliments from guests because of these scents and I would definitely recommend smelling them for yourself to see if you can choose a favourite.