Win one of three copies of Woolly and Tig One Step at a time


With 15 short episodes which see Tig overcome her nervousness with the help of her friend Woolly in lots of different circumstances. From going on the bus to visiting the hospital sometimes it is hard for us adults to realise just how hard some situations can be for our young children.

Woolly and Tig help children and adults to communicate and reassure in strange situations.

Woolly is a fantastic toy spider that is Tigs best friend, he explains situations in simple terms that young children can understand and makes them less scary. We have our own Woolly toys in our house that are still very well loved.

Woolly is a loveable character that is easy to relate too and that all children seem to love.

This is a fantastic DVD that will help grow independence and confidence in the world around them.

You can win one of three copies by following the instructions on the rafflecopter form below.

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