Why should my daughter play with toys that are pink?

Alison is four years old, she loves Marvel Superheroes, Lego and computer games. She only wears “boys” clothes and loves blue and green.

Elizabeth is five years old. She loves dolls, make up and all things pink and purple. She will only wear clothes that make her look girly and refuses to wear anything that could be construed as slightly boyish.

Coming from a house that has two children from different ends of the spectrum makes me feel that I am in the perfect position to discuss the current topic of the “Its girl stuff” cleaning set that is available to buy from different suppliers including Sports Direct and Amazon.
Now this is in no way the only slightly sexist product on the market but it is also in no way the most offensive. I mean really most kids love helping their parents clean up and its great imagination play.
Take the product out of its packaging and its yellow, blue, red and purple colouring are bright and attractive, inviting to children who like to pretend to clean. Its not pink, sparkly or particularly girly, its not sexist, it is giving children the chance to use their imagination and pretend play in a natural way.

Ok the box is a bit sexist the fact that it is pink and says Girls stuff on it is unnecessary but that is the brand. Its called “It’s girl stuff” and its brand colours are pink and purple.  They also make dolls, dress up sets, vanity sets and childrens make up. All of that comes in pink packaging too. Is it wrong that the childrens make up set comes in pink? I don’t see anyone complaining about that. Alison however loves playing with make up and I am sure there are little boys out there that enjoy it too. Should be be complaining that it is sexist that the make up set is pink?

So why should my daughter play with toys that are pink?

The simple answer is that if she wants to she can and if she doesnt then it doesnt really matter in the grand scheme of things.

There are so many more important things to get annoyed about and for £5 I think that this set is brilliant value for money and both of my girls would really enjoy playing with it.