Why do we go on holiday?

Having just returned from yet another Butlins holiday someone asked me why we always go back to the same place. What is it about those types of holidays that makes up keep coming back. It certainly isn’t the guaranteed sunshine, although this weekend was lovely.

Mostly we go on these holidays because they provide the children with fabulous memories and great activities. They can keep us busy from morning till night or we can have a chilled out day doing whatever we want in the local area.

I would love to take the girls abroad on a plane or ferry into the sunshine but I would really want to have a fun filled family holiday. We are not the type pf family to just lounge around on the beach for a few weeks. I was told about Thomson Al Fresco holidays today and they actually look as though they might be the answer.

With air conditioned mobile homes and kids clubs, swimming pools and sunshine it seems to tick all of our boxes. Plus if you can arrange cheap transport the prices of the accommodation is really good. Next year Elizabeth will still be in treatment so we won’t be able to go but the year after this might be just the sort of holiday we will be looking at taking. For now I will keep writing to help me save the pennies we need to make memories like this one.