Why are you offering my children loans?

My children watch TV. They love watching TV and to be fair so many of the childrens programs have educational benefits now that I dont really mind. I do however stipulate that they are only able to watch childrens tv and not grown up programs. There are no soaps on in our house and the news isn’t allowed to be on either. Hubby only argues with me when it comes to football but as long as the kids are occupied elsewhere I will let him off.

I don’t want my children to have to be forced to watch adult themed programs, whether something horrible in the news or one of the storylines in another soap. They are too young for that and they would be happier if they didnt have to think about it.

So why when I ensure my children only watch Childrens TV channels do they continuously get bombarded with payday loans and other forms of credit? To begin with surely daytime tv is not a time to advertise a payday loan as if I had a payday I would be more than likely be at work! And finally my four year old won’t be taking out any loans if I can help it so why are you offering them to her?

You can’t honestly believe us parents pay enough attention to the shows that are on to actually see your adverts? If was only after I glanced at the TV this morning that I even noticed what you were doing.

In one advert break on Nick Jr at two thirty this afternoon you were trying to convince me to use an Injury lawyer, get a new contract mobile phone, go on a cruise, compare my car insurance, get a catalogue so I can get the kids some more clothes and get a job as an avon representative.

So obviously those of us sat watching a childrens tv channel are unemployed who may have had an injury but should get lots of credit on contracts and catalogues and more than likely use a credit card to go on a cruise!

Come on people it is children’s tv. As much as I hate my kids pointing at the TV and saying they want the latest toy I would much rather they did that than be made to believe that credit is the way to live.

Why not follow in the footsteps of channels like Cbeebies where there is no advertising or the Disney channels that only advertise there own shows? I know you have to make money but there are enough toy manufacturers out there to fill the slots.

Lets get our kids started in the right way by not introducing them to thingd that have already caused so many problems to so many people. Credit is not cool and personally I dont think it should be allowed to be advertised anywhere but definitely not somewhere that my children will be looking.