Why Are Sim Only Deals Still So Appealing?

Many people purchase their phones and think little of their decision. They simply want the latest gadgetry and then promptly resume their lives.

However, it’s worth thinking about these matters in more detail. Last year, it was reported that the average adult would spend 34 years of their life looking at screens, with smartphones likely accounting for a substantial role in that. If you’re going to use your device often, then it’s worth contemplating how you can make things easier on yourself in certain situations. 

Finding an advantageous SIM only deal can be the start of a more fruitful relationship with your phone. Here are some things to keep in mind after your great discovery.

You’ll Have Flexibility

There’s a vast array of SIM only deals for you to consider. You should spend time shopping around to land on an arrangement that works perfectly for you.

It may be a good idea to focus on deals that have shorter contract periods. For instance, some SIM only deals can be valid for as little as 30 days. You could sample different offerings to see what works best for you. Data and minutes may be capped or unlimited, so securing a deal relative to your usage is in your best interests also. You could also get a 24-month plan, which may be cheaper overall.

Try not to worry unnecessarily here. Your phone is your digital domain, and you can spend as much time or money as you need to get its functionality just right.  Do your research beforehand and have a rough idea of what you plan, network benefits, and budget you’re interested in. Field recommendations from customer service personnel where appropriate.

You also have the option to buy a different phone without restrictions. While other plans force you to buy both a SIM and a phone and use them for a set period, the SIM only deal is compatible with almost any smartphone you can think of. Purchase a cheaper phone or give yourself an upgrade, your data use and minutes will carry over seamlessly.  

Dodging Credit Checks is Possible

Not all SIM only deals enable you to dodge a credit check. However, those of a shorter variety will often allow you to do so.

You can avoid many phone-related headaches by securing the proper SIM only deal. Try to look for ones that are valid for a month, as this will make it easier to find these types of plans where credit checks aren’t necessary.

Don’t be burdened by your financial situation. You’ll hear the word ‘no’ a lot when your credit reports aren’t favourable. Facing restrictions elsewhere, the right SIM only deal for you may help you get back to your life, to an extent. Stay in touch with the people you love most, field telephone job interviews, or browse the web for opportunities – it’s all possible when you’re down on your luck, thanks to SIM only deals.

Saving Money

Plans that come with a phone can be enormously expensive. The costs can tally so high that many people find themselves in phone debt and need support to resolve these issues effectively.

Obviously, SIM only deals do not come with a phone, so you save money from the outset. Have peace of mind that once you have reached your plan’s limit, you won’t be charged further, and you will lose access to the service provided. There’s a clear cut-off point, so everything is easy to understand.  

Overrunning plans can often be a source of sobering surprises. Having those moments of shock removed from your life forever can be highly advantageous. Perhaps your relationships will even be improved for the decision? After all, it’s common for partners to argue over expenses at certain points. Why risk any strain on your dynamic? A quality SIM only deal will simplify things enormously, give you more control over your finances, and remove any source of phone-related conflict from your life.

Earning Money

As you become more familiar with SIM only deals, you can start to make recommendations within your personal network. In the right circles, you can profit from these efforts.

Earn cash online by working with the Lebara Refer & Earn scheme. You can earn up to £50 per referral, and your loved ones can get 50% of their deal in the process. Simply sign up, share your referral link through social media, and then start earning money. This service also has thousands of excellent reviews on Trustpilot, making them a trustworthy source of extra income.

It’s good to have a way of making extra cash, especially during a period of economic uncertainty. You may also be able to help your friends in practical ways if they’re struggling to find a good deal. Under these arrangements, everybody wins, and embracing that could be an enriching experience.

Extra Incentives

Some SIM only plans have extra perks attached. The offerings will vary from network to network.

For example, you may have early access to concert tickets or even free gifts. You may also have free subscriptions to specific apps for six months or so, such as Apple Music or BT sports. Discounts in certain stores may also be possible, as well as faster 4G connectivity.

Obviously, some of these benefits will appeal to you more than others. Shop around to see what’s available. Perhaps synch up your plan with a group of friends so that you can share some of the social experiences together? In the end, your plan could be the start of what could be a more fulfilling lifestyle.


SIM only deals are still highly popular, and it’s easy to see why. They can have a ripple effect, influencing your quality of life in numerous ways. Your plan could take your life in an exciting new direction. Do you fear going off a specific deal? That’s fine; you can simply switch when the timing is right for you and enjoy a whole new experience. Make sure you take advantage of the full range of benefits these deals can bring to you. Appreciate their value and ensure that others do the same. After all, you may earn a bit of extra cash for doing so, too!