Where is he hiding my presents?

I have been hunting in the cupboards, looking under the beds and checking all the drawers but I can not find any presents in my house that I have not bought. Now this could mean two things either he is better at hiding them than I thought or he hasn’t bought me any yet. If the latter is the case then maybe he just needs a few hints.
What would I buy myself? Some chocolates, some bath products, dressing gown and clothes, new converse trainers (Can’t choose which ones they are all so pretty) as mine are getting a bit old. Some jewellery and perfume, a new calendar too, so many bits that I just know he cant have them hidden in any of the usual places. They won’t be on top of the kitchen cupboards or under the stairs, they won’t be in with the towels or in the bedding box and they are not in the toy boxes so where are they?

Normally I am the only one with the good hiding places but all those are now full. I always hide the presents for Hubby in the top of my wardrobe and tend to fill the airing cupboard and the bottom of my wardrobe with all the other presents. This year the presents have been too big to store in my wardrobe and as my shower is still out of order I have been using the ensuite as a storage room.

Luckily for me the ensuite has a lock on the door and although the children are interested in the presents that are wrapped that they have peaked they have not yet tried to have a look to see what we have got for them.

Having only a four and a five year old most people would hide the fact that there are presents in the house but although I love a bit of mystery and magic I also love a bit of realism so they know that Mummy and Daddy have been working hard to make them or buy them the perfect gifts but they still know that Santa will be bringing the one very special gift that they have asked for.

We have been working hard on our Christmas presents this year trying to be as creative as possible. With snowmen kits, den building kits and our special box of balloons and bubbles but this does mean lots of fairly large boxes that require some creative wrapping and take up lots of space.  Thankfully we are spending Christmas day with my family so when we were visiting this weekend we took a boot load of presents to my Mums house so they are now taking up the spare room ready for Christmas Day. 


This is our ensuite filled with boxes. The rest of the presents are at my Mums house.

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