Where In The World To Go For Some History

If you love travelling, and you also love history, then it’s obviously the case that these are two things which can go hand in hand very well indeed. That is a great thing to bear in mind, and if you are trying to make sure that you do this as well as possible, you’ll want to know about where in the world you might be able to go in order to make that come true. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the best places in the world you might want to go for some history. Let’s take a look.


This is easily one of the most historic cities in Europe, if not the world, with a different amazing historical site to see at literally every corner. At times in Rome, you can actually feel as though you are still back in ancient times, walking through an ancient city, and that is a feeling that you don’t get to quite the same degree anywhere else really. So visit Rome if you haven’t already, to see the Coliseum, the Forum, the Vatican, and so much more besides.


Sometimes the best historical sites are not cities, however, but out in nature. And one of the very best examples of this has to be Stonehenge, located in the West of England. There are still all sorts of mysteries shrouding Stonehenge, which is surely a major reason that it remains such an amazing place to visit. Plus, you can take a tour and learn a lot about archaeology and what we do know about this incredible place. It’s a great spot and somewhere that every history lover should see at some point in their lives.


The historical capital of Japan, Kyoto, is home to some of the most beautiful historic buildings in the world. And again, this is the kind of place that just seems to absolutely ooze history at every turn – so if that is the kind of thing you are looking for, you are absolutely going to love Kyoto and Japan more widely in general too. Temples, shrines, and astounding natural scenery abound here, and it’s just an incredible place to go if you want some history but also some modern culture side by side – and with less of the overbearing crowds of Tokyo.


If you have not been to Turkey before, you will likely be amazed at the way that it is a true and genuine meeting of East and West. And if you want to see the more historical side of the country in some detail, you could do much worse than visiting the old site of Efes. Once an ancient Greek metropolis, this is one of the best preserved ancient sites in the world, so it is bound to be a remarkable place to see for anyone who loves their history.